Our bodega under construction

The bodega project will complete a 6m x 5.5m storage space built using earth bags (superadobe). It will incorporate a half-loft for storage The 4 slope (‘cuatro llubies’) roof will be constructed using traditional...

Water  level in the arroyo

Baja storms 2014

Hurricane Odile and other storms provided an enhanced level of rainfall for the southern Baja region in 2014, and also gave us some impressive examples of ‘peak flow’ in our local arroyos.Here are some...

kreel and Christyn feature

Welcome new members

Baja BioSana is very happy to announce that Kreel Hutchinson and Christyn Hall became Resident Members of Baja BioSana on May 13, 2015.


Peru Engagement

BioSana member Andrew Jones is spending two months working with the PAITITI Institute in the isolated Mapacho Valley in the Peruvian Andes. While there, he will be helping to lead permaculture service track activities...