Guests this winter – December and April 2016

Volunteers 2We had about 20 guests this winter between December and April, 2016 from many different countries including Russia, USA, Mexico, Great Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, and Bolivia. We planted a delicious vegetable garden and had many wonderful meals together. Much of our food was raw vegan and included fruit from our land with an abundance of grapefruit and avocados. Visitors learned about, participated in and studied many aspects of our vision including permaculture, earthbuilding, yoga, breathwork, earth sculpture, massage, gardening, metaphysics, wealth, building a self employed business and sociocracy

We had many projects such as building an earthbag storage building, tree planting, earth temple restoration, invasive plant removal, banana tree care, and participating in the Organic Farmers Market.

Many of our evenings were spent playing music, singing and sharing around the campfire listening to the crickets and cicadas Other things we enjoyed together were going to the hot springs, swimming in the river canyon, going to the Todos Santos film festival, going salsa dancing, sky diving, and performing music at the Los Barilles open mic.

Thank you to all of our wonderful guests. We look forward to sharing our beautiful place with all who share our vision next season.
Rebecca Raum
Guest coordinator