Our organization

dOMe progress fitting the peices together abril 2015Baja Bio Sana is madeup of a deeply devoted collective of natural builders, permaculturists, herbalists, meditation teachers, raw food chefs and others, with highly advanced earth-based skills who are supporting the awakening of a new human consciousness while developing and sharing solutions for a positive sustainable future. It also has the participation and collaboration of local as well as international visitors, volunteers and interns.



We live in a world where there is true happiness and abundance, with freedom and safety on all levels; where love and compassion are lived and practiced; where all beings and resources are respected; where each person takes responsibility for creating their life; where everyone is healthy and thriving in body, mind and spirit—living in peace and in harmony with ourselves and each other, with nature, the planet, and the cosmos.


Baja BioSana is a living and learning center, a demonstration site for local and global solutions. Educational advancement occurs through immersion in a living regenerative model of the world we wish to live in. This includes a peaceful permaculture-based resort retreat, a sanctuary for residents, visitors and wildlife.


Baja BioSana offers education services, events & products in the areas of natural living, permaculture and eco-construction, life skills, therapeutic arts, and spiritual development. We utilize a dynamic governance model called Sociocracy, which is based on effectiveness, equivalence, and transparency. We offer a supportive platform for community outreach, global partnerships, personal empowerment and sanctuary – in alignment with our vision.