Sociocracy Introductory Training


What is Sociocracy?

2-2014 Sociocracy WorkshopSociocracy, also known in the U.S. as Dynamic Governance, is a fulfilling whole-systems approach for inclusive decision-making, efficient governance, and the ongoing evaluation and improvement of a group’s decisions and projects.

Sociocracy is based on and encourages equivalence, transparency, and effectiveness in an organization and helps the group fulfill its aims. It reduces the need for lengthy and frustrating governance meetings, freeing up time for creativity, work, and play, giving everyone the option to participate in shaping the decisions that affect them.

Permaculture and Sociocracy: Traditional agriculture involves 10% planning and 90% work. Permaculture involves 90% planning with intelligent design, 10% work to
implement the design, and then much less work to maintain it. Sociocracy is much the same. While it requires time to learn and implement at the start, once it’s in place, it doesn’t take much time: it’s very “lean.”


* Fosters more trust.
* Encourages individuals to be accountable to the group’s agreements and aims.
* Helps the group respond effectively to changes and needs inside their organization and occurring in the wider culture around them.
* Helps the group regulate their own pace and development, relative to available energy and resources.
* Helps them evaluate what they do, identify their strengths and growing edges, and
apply what they’ve learned to future projects.
* Focuses on solutions and helps transform potentially painful disagreements into
creative opportunities that benefit the whole group.

What else?

2-2014 Diana Leafe Christian BBS Sociocracy WorkshopSociocracy preserves individual sovereignty in most cases. It is fun to use, and helps
everyone participate in shaping the decisions that affect them.

Objections and “arguments” (reasonable, logical reasons given to support or
object to a proposal) are welcomed as gifts that test the integrity of ideas and enrich the creative process.
The principle of consent allows for ‘good enough’ measures to keep the creative
process moving, along with the peace of mind that comes when everyone has the power to influence change when it becomes necessary and beneficial to do so.

Adapted with permission from a similar Sociocracy handout by James Priest,
2013 James Priest, A Full Circle Resource from Thrive in Community –


We realized that we were struggling with our governance process and looked around at potential models that could help us. Sociocracy stood out and our connection with Diana Leafe Christian via her books and lectures gave us confidence that she was the right person to work with. We also wanted to share the model with the wider community, so developed a model for a two-day public workshop, followed by a one-day ‘in house’ process where we focused specifically on BioSana’s goernance.

Project start: December 2011
Project completion: February 2014

Diana Leafe Christian
The Sociocracy Consulting group