Compost making session at BioSana

COMPOSTING with Andrew Jones and Marybeth Alhart.
- based on principles developed by Paul Taylor in Australia

The first thing I learned about composting is that you are basically "making a cake", and the more diverse the ingredients, the better!

{3-2-1 ratio}: we used wheel barrows as our basic measuring tool
3 parts dry carbon content - dead/dry leaves, dry grass clippings, branches
2 parts green nitrogen content - freshly cut green material
1 part manure - chicken, cow, horse...

*We are using chicken manure from a local chicken raiser, whose waste product would normally end up in the dump. Not only are we creating a healthier environment for our food to grow and keeping waste out of the dump, but the arrangement made is also benefitting someone in the community.

Layers of the cake:

Starting from the bottom - dry, green, manure, dry, green, manure...
Top off with a mixture of all three components in pyramid shape
*Apply water as needed in between layers to keep mixture moist
*Wet entire mixture when completed
*Turn every 10 days (this time allows for the growth of beneficial mycellium) for about two and a half months

Paul Taylor developed his method which he calls the “Bio-Vital” composting method.

His website is:
Information about his Bio-Vital sytem is here: