Grace’s casita de la tierra

Casita FoundationThe Casita de la Tierra is being build among the existing vegetation of ciruela, palo d’arco and palo fiero. I have camped at the proposed site since 2012, and designed my living space with help from Andrew Jones, a founding member of Baja BioSana, AC. During my time at Baja BioSana I have enjoyed outdoor living and at the same time have missed some of my creature comforts. Keeping love of the outdoor life, desiring some creature comforts and wanting a guest room, we have designed a casita with natural landscaping and “outdoor rooms” and small roof top palapa to take advantage of the view. A shaded veranda will provide shade on the south and west facing walls during the intense heat of summer. Electricity will be provided by a solar system.

Currently the foundation and support for the roof top palapa are in place. The frames for the doors and windows are being completed. The wood being used is from an ancient oak that had fallen in the arroyo near Mira Flores. A prototype for insulating he ceiling/roof has been made with wine bottles, earthcrete, palm and palo d’arco. Andrew is currently determining the earthen mixture for the earthcrete walls since the soil composition varies in different areas of BioSana. The walls are to be started on May 23, 2016.

I am looking forward to hosting friends and family as Casita de la Tierra so they can experience the blessing of the land all that Baja BioSana, AC has to offer.