Volunteers and Visitors

Thank you to the many loving volunteers and visitors from all over the world who have contributed to our vision. You have brought so much enjoyment, beauty, brilliance and peace to Baja Bio Sana. We have loved singing and music under the stars around the campfire, doing deeply life-changing breathwork, earthbuilding, swimming, dancing, working together, gardening, learning about raw food and healthy diet, permaculture and self-sufficiency and much more.

We welcome all who are in alignment with our vision, mission and aim. By holding the same values we can be very effective.

Many opportunities for learning, teaching and relaxing exist daily at Baja Bio Sana. We love to have skilled visitors as well as people who enjoy physical work. See our schedule of classes, skills and work needed.

If you enjoy camping, a healthy lifestyle, and learning cutting edge skills with like minded people, being healthy and relaxing, come and play with us!


Baja BioSana Packing List